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Be Creative ! Feel free to suggest anything!



(bound to change, many many times)

9:00-9:30 Registration and setup

9:30-10:30 Introductions - We'll start by letting the organizers tell you about the event and thier visions followed by a chance for the participants to introduce themselves and get to know each other

10:30 - 12:30 activities - there will be a big white board in the center of the venue. Write the activity you make on the white board and follow the whiteboard other activities.

12:30-13:00 lunch

13:00- around 16:30 more activities

The place closes at sunset.




1. Pizza Morgana Introduction -- Oded Sharon

2. Real Social Gaming - why the world needs more games that bring us to play face to face - Ziv Kitaro

3. Mobile Games - Mobile games market potential, PC vs Mobile game dev. (challenges, adjustments, etc), Trends (iPhone), fast development of mobile games using Mo'Minis Studio - Mo'Minis team.

4. The seeds of playing - The very basic fundamentals of playing that fuel our desire to play. Haim Shafir –Game inventor

5. Competitive games 101 - How do competitive gamers approach games in order to win, how can game designers improve the competitive experience? - Noam Gat

6. Paper & Pen games in a digital world - Ultima online first created the MMORPG genre in the late 90's, will go over the changes and discuss what to expect in the future. Open Discussion - Guy Nesher

7. Open Discussion: Games Industry in Israel - Where are we going? What should we do in order to expand? Brainstorming - Oren De-Panther

8. Praxis Makes Perfect: How to use Game Theory models in real life, and how the hell can we develop better using this? - Jonathan Klinger.

9. Uri Levanon - music & games

10. Theory of Gaming API (Yoav Zibin): How to build secure multiplayer games using only client-side code, i.e., without writing server-side code for each game.

11. The iPhone AppStore: Stories and Experiences from the battlefield (Amnon Dekel). The iPhone AppStore is a wonderfull success and a revolution in how software is sold and published. It is obvious now that all players (operators, equipment manufacturers) are going to copy this model and that it will be ubiquitous in the mobile industry at large within a year or two. This lecture is for those of you considering to develop apps for the appstore and will outline the processes and proceedures next to the problems and pitfalls that you will have to endure. A number of case studies will be presented, including our own.



1. Creating adventure games easily -- By Oded Sharon  (please bring your own laptop for this workshop with some graphics editing software like Photoshop and the WME adventure game engine installed http://dead-code.org)

2. On-Going workshop for rapid creation of mobile games utilizing Mo'Minis Studio.

3. 5 game mechanics that will make your web site better - Guy Bendov


Other Activitities: 

0. Show YOUR game around: a 1 hour session where you can present to everyone who is present and get a chance to show their game to the audience. 

1. Rock Band / Guitar Hero Tournament

2. A day long, multiplayer business simulation -- Gil Knyazhansky and Amir Ya'ari.


Ideas for activities:

(if you have an idea for an activity and want other people to be involved, write it here, what you need etc...)

A question: anyone interested in the topic of games place in the future of education? An open discussion or a lecture?

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i would like to place a 'Tactic ball' shooting range

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