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Amos Elmaliah




 Email(contact)  Interests

Oded Sharon


Hard core game developer gameunconf at odedsharon dot com 

CEO of Corbomite Games, making episodic adventure games.

Also coordinator of IGDA Israel chapter and active within the Israeli game development industry.

Loves experimantal gameplay, guitar hero/rock band, world of warcraft, and of course adventure games. 

Roy Man

Soft code game developer

roy at save an alien nekuda com

- VP R&D saveanalien.com.

- Teach "Introduction to Game Development" at IDC.

- really good at playing bubbles.


Currently Developing in Rubt On Rails, Flex & starting to do some J2ME stuff.

Aviv Revach


Co-Founder, Senior Business Manager, Mo'Minis avivr@mominis.com Casual games, mobile games. My company offers a revolutionary platform for the rapid creation of mobile games with an automatic support for a wide range of handsets.
Yuval Sapir  Past and Future Game Developer  yuval dot sapir at gmail dot com 

Infrastructure for MMOs, UGC, Casual games, SW development in general

Dudi Peles      
Eyal Rabinovich Co-Founder, VP Creative & Content, Mo'Minis eyalr@mominis.com  
Tzach Hadar Co-Founder, CTO, Mo'Minis tzachh@mominis.com  Mobile games development, casual games, multi-player games, computer security, wall-climbing, and good food :)
Ziv Kitaro 

Writer, journalist, lecturer, father, senior game designer

@ Cedar Design Group

Ze One True God 

zivkitaro at gmail dot com  Interested in creating games with physical elements that use technology to enhance the game experience. Love horror games like Silent Hill.

Oren De-Panther

Indie game developer, Game Development Forum Admin  oren shtroodel De-Panther.com



Make Games, Not War

Hagai Jacobson Gamer, Trekkie, QA team leader @ Realcommerce hagaij (at) gmail (dot) com Loves playing games, and trying to figure out what makes them tick
Zvi Rabinovich Co-Founder, VP R&D, Mo'Minis zvir@mominis.com Console Games, sports, ski, climbing

Erez Naveh


Co-Founder, VP R&D, Come2Play erez@come2play.com Multiplayer games,  casual games, "real world" human interaction games
Nimrod Lehavi you can't stop the signal! nimrod@lehavi.com

real life FPS :P

Owner of Lehavi Solutions software boutque

Valentine Sedlovsky

Struggling not to slack artist looking for collaboration val@pigle.com I paint a thousand pictures here
on the inside of my skull
Sometimes I'll crack it open
though my instruments are dull

Ofek Shilon

Reality is the refuge of those who suck at Tekken ofek at simbionix dot com Algorithmics team leader at Simbionix - basically making computer games for training doctors.   Interests: Game physics & algorithmics.
Gil Knyazhansky  Full time gamer. Aspiring game maker.  gilknyaz@gmail.com 

Love games of all colors and flavors. Preferably on the PC. 

Or the Xbox. Or the Wii...or the...

Amir Ya'ari Gamer and game maker    
Jeremie Kletzkine
Co-founder GamerSight Ltd. & Zonerank jeremie@gamersight.com  Electronic sport, video games professional competitions, skill-based games & business development - Waking vintage games encyclopedia
Zvi Shaubi   jackmate@yahoo.com C/C++ software engineer
Guy Nesher I can stop playing wow any day! nesher.guy@gmail.com Game designer at Cedar Design Group and a freelance web developer.
Yevgeni Kabishcher The game isn’t finished until the last player is dead. yevgeni@hbrlabs.com

Intrests? hmm... lets see..  game programing! :P

FlexFlash game developer

Kobi Kai Calev

 "Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves

 -The Duchess (Alice in Wonderland)



the gMail

*Minimalism, oldschoolism

*Puzzle Games, idea and concept finding

*Finding the 'added value' of 'going digital'

*Game physics

*Audio-Games (ie, Audio alone!)

*Board-Game AI

*'Go' (the eastern game, Baduk, Go)

*Functional-Programming, state-machine, representation of game rules

Oded Saar

Lead Game Designer at Corbomite Games

OdedSaar at CorbomiteGames dot com

Adventure games (for the dialogs), P&P RPGs (for the mechanics), Game Design Theory (cause I'm a geek), Experimental/Cool online casual games... whatever you've got.

Hanan Argov "If a dream becomes real, then it's not a real dream" (FMA) hananargov in gmail Fun. Games. Things that make me go ooooooo.
guy bendov  just do it  guybendov at yahoo  game mechanics 
Haim Shafir Game invenor www.shafir.com  
Noam Gat Competitive gamer. Creator too. noamgat at gmail Competitive games & gameplay design. Fighting games. Realtime 3D rendering techniques
Ronen Wolfson Inventor of a physical gaming device. ronenwo@gmail.com

From ZooZ , developing a gaming product and input device for physical training and rehabilitation.


Casual Games. Flash. Interfacing and developing games for Nintendo, other consoles and set-top boxes. Exergames - games for exercising.

Yaron Leifenberg    yaron@funtactix.com   
Limor Shani G, Ga, Game, Gamer pixel123@gmail.com

CG illustrator for all types of digital media projects.

Oren Tivony Entrepreneur oren@scheduly.com Casual Games, Finincial Gaming, Web2.0 Gaming, UI/UX for community games
Michal Hashimshony UI expert  michal@enelita.com Online games in general, community games, skill games
Philip Morris  CEO Audio Factory Ltd  philip@audiofactorysound.com  Developing new sound effects generic programming software for computer games. 

Amit Jurgenson


Life is so subjective, so why not enjoy every minute? amit@jurgenson.co.il  musician, creative thinker, oldschool gamer, arcade machine builder (blog, video)
Ori Hanegby

games techie

ori at pixtazy dot com

VP R&D at Pixatzy, interested in 3D engines and technology, networking, physics and game art.


Guy Corem

Coder, Casual gamer and Entrepreneur

guy at pixtazy dot com

CTO at Pixatzy, interested in Games, Physics, networking and security

Heidi haLevi

Interactive experience design & eternal student


heidihalevi at gmail

"You know, for kids!", Experience & Emotion,
Games of mystery and wonder, Game Theory.

Social change, social dynamics, WhoWhopersonal development.

Entering final development phase of a social roleplaying game for classrooms I designed for Sheffy, called "Gaia".

Rafael Mizrahi  GarageGeeks Gamer at plaYce.com     
JJ Lehmann  Games are art. jetjayjay@gmail.com 

Aspiring game programmer.

Close follower of the game industry. 

Little kid.

Yamit Hagar QA Manager at Corbomite Games Yamitmotek at Corbomitegames dot com  Bug finder mainly. love to collect bugs of other people into a big pile and laugh. QA girl for the last 12 years.
Eri Rubin  OptiTex 3D R&D  erdooom at gmail dot com  CUDA GPGPU Physics simulations shaders .... 
Alon Barzilay  Come2Play  alon at come 2 play   Tactic ball multi player  
Alex Gekker iTycoon cofounder  & Nocamels editor gekker dot alex at gmail

A New MEdia Student at IDC Herzliya.

Working on my own iTycoon and one of the guys behind (non profit) innovation project  nocamels.

Tal Klinger Katlani tal at tdek dot org RPG, RTS, Strategy, FPS almost anything that has multiplayer( either online or LAN).
Lee Eden addicted to silly games gameunconf at soundcat dot org find me a knitting game

Omer Gertel

Failed to develop the MMORTS that revolutionized the online gaming industry... omer.gertel@gmail.com

Co-Founder of Klapka, Israely for-the-people-by-the-people T-Shirt Shop.

Co-orginizer of Shuk.Li, Isrealy Culture-Jamming Group.

Yotam Rosenfeld  I like computer games,  chocolate, zombies and ninjas. I wonder how come no one ever combined those together... MY IDEA!  why jay oh tee ar at hotmail dot com 

I like... Things...

Jr. Producer/game-designer at Corbomite

Games. Hua? 

Latency kills goldy at bobgames dot co dot il video games, words, internet culture, comedy, cats, Flash and OOP, 3D modeling, RockBand, Russians
Jonathan J. Klinger Blogger and Lawyer jonathanklinger@2jk.org Well, I like to see stuff broken and then torn apart, just to fix them.
Erez Shemesh Co-Founder, CEO Qwiji   erez@qwiji.com  Turn casual browsing into a challenging game 
Yaniv Hakim  Co-Founder, CTO Qwiji    yaniv@qwiji.com  It's a game. It's an adventure. It's Qwiji !
Ory Band  Senior Game Developer Wannabe  ory band at la gmail 

Becoming a level 47 wizard!

Seriously - Indie game development. 

Erez Reinshmidt  Co-Founder, Creative and Technology manager, CastEffect erez@casteffect.com  Business development expert - game industry, business development and marketing projects for companies, training games development, multiplayer strategy games, student of digital games design in Beit Berl 
Shani Lustgarten

Graphic Designer, Animator


shani.lus@gmail.com Edutainment flash based games & game development
Nir Kouris  Founder of YOO Marketing, Entrepreneur!  nirkouris@gmail.com  I am also the Founder of eCamp Israel an International Technology Summer Camp, so I like all kinds of games and other stuff! I love flash based games & game development etc...
Michael Rosen Founder, Tacticsoft ltd. michael@tacticsoft.net Battle Dawn
Omer Levy Student, Technion omerlevy@tx.technion.ac.il Research and development of artificial intelligence in RTS games.
Hanan Gazit Owner and CEO, Metaversense Ltd. hanan[at]metaversense[dot]com En-gaging interactions
Liran Egozi  Programmer and designer, Tacticsoft ltd.  liran@tacticsoft.net  Battle Dawn 

Yaniv Peer

Programmer and artist, Tacticsoft ltd.



Game development, programming, concept art.

Playing mostly RPGs and related games.

Tzahi Wolkowicz  Gamer, blogger, worked in the retail industry (Mediagame)  zedprime at gmail.com   Content generation through games, Indie developtment, Educational games, geek & gaming culture.
Omer Vinik  Game developer & designer, Mo'Minis  omer kruchit vinik nekuda com 

Jush finished Bioshock!

(It's about time...) 

Nir Miretzky  Video Games TV Channel - Head Of Content and Technology  nir at thegamers.tv  My

Daughter, Consoles&PCs, Gadjets, cameras, Making Movies, and all of that gaming culture.

Vera Sachs  Trademark Paralegal  verafaith@gmail.com  anything fun (especially if i'm too old for it), marketing, mobile content, performing.  

Eytan Majar 


Game & VW designer and COH commander 



Company of heroes, Hard-core gaming, soft-core gaming, virtual world, virtual spaces and the number 42 in general.




Ayelet and Etzion Bar-Noy Wa-Ki design ayelet at wa-ki dot com She's into design and Guitar Hero, he's into Linux and everything else. Easily recognised by the friendly baby attached to either one.
Adi Avnit Software developer, blogger adi at dotmad dot com Guitar Hero / Rock band, interested in learning about games development
Tal Darom We're all individuals tal@argusense.com  
Dr. Yoav Zibin Co-Founder, CTO, Come2Play yoav at come2play.com  
Ofir weinstein Game developer, Come2Play ofir at come2play.com  
Amir Shwartz Head of DB&ASP development , Come2Play amir at come2play.com  
shlomi sutton Head of Social Networks integration , Come2Play shlomi at come2play.com  
Yaron Tanne  Founder of CamSpace yaron at cam-trax.com 

Allowing any PC game to be played WII-Style...

Looking for a Dev-Team leader!

Eran Eshed  Game Designer  eran at shoofla dot com  Anything with a pause button.... ooh ya and I'm looking for a serious lead programmer.... is there a R&D Group Manager in the house?
Gregory Man Server Side Team Laed gregory at saveanalien dot com

Ruby Newbie since 2002.

Eyal Zaidman Indie game developer eyal.zaidman@gmail.com

Flash games, casual games


Uri Levanon       
Yaron Dotan CEO, Co Founder of Invasion Interactive Ltd. yaron@invasioninteractive.com

Developers of the first Israeli FPS: Rising Eagle.


Dror Bren Games gamer, Design maker. brendror@gmail.com  
Liron Kaneti    liron.kaneti@gmail.com   

Mark shapiro 

Game developer & designer markshapiro@hotmail.com   
Doron Nir  Life is a game, how do you feel about losing?  nirdoron@gmail.com  I play everything, and I love every game that is good. 
Ofir Katz  Sandhill Games  Ofir.Katz at Sandhillgames   

David Silberstein


Stop! Comen here! Your pass? Your pass?? ALAAARM!!!  robot55@gmail.com  Obsessive Gamer, Arcade Renovator, Visual Artist, Freelance Journalist, UI Designer. Not necessarily in that order.

Or-Tal Kiriati


Lemino - Letting People Know or_tal at yahoo dot com

Entrepreneur, games, education,

Social Networking, Teens& Tweens

Revital Salomon


There is no spoon revital@thesharklady.com Content and information addict, gamer, writer, blogger, scuba-diver wordpress fan and photographer. And more.
Nahum Ben-Binyamin  "...so much power, and so less knowledge what to do with it..."  nahumbb@aim.com  casual games, strategy games, xna, gamedev, gamedev tools for newbie and hobbyists, education and Entrepreneurship
Roy Shapira Gamers don't care for better graphics, they want to be Moved! 



 Computer Game Design, Game Development, Hard Core Games.

Yotam Noy

Game designer/producer for eyeSight Mobile.


yotman@gmail.com  Game design, science fiction and fantasy, playing video games, etc.
Uri Katz  Sandhill Games  Uri.Katz at Sandhillgames   

Dragan Stiglic


Film&Games Director/Innovator


Superprevis Ltd.


Cosmogon Creations


Dragan at superprevis.com




Film & Games Prototyping

Scriptwriting + Game

Directing/Design for MMOs,

Casual Games, Experimental

Games, Interactive Music Videos,

Game Cinematics, Mocap-based GUIs

Passion-Gamer since 80s.

Jasmine Aharon      
Roy Tzayag   twizlcom at gmail dot com Manager of http://www.twizl.com, Content editor of http://www.net-games.biz /co.il and some more :)
Itamar Weisberg Podcasts: The direct radio station foryour audience. mishak.podcast@gmail.com Co-founder and Co-host of the Hebrew Gaming Podcast: Hamis`hakia
Nadav Yogev   ancientzed@gmail.com  

Alon Tzarafi

midnight game developer bronzefi sting at gmail dto comm Highly dynamic games, Strategy games, Programming, 3d Graphics, Boxing, Drooling, Death metal
Noam Makavy   noam@playedonline.com CEO of Playedonline
Boaz Blumenthal   boaz@playedonline.com Webmaster of www.Playedonline.com
Tal Melenboim
Tal Melenboim
Score:Plug  tal at scoreplug dot com 

I am very proud to inform you that we have completed the development of the new SCORE:Plug INTEGRATION.09.

SCORE:Plug technology allows you to obtain and save data from any flash game that exists online.

SCORE:Plug INTEGRATION.09 technology can be integrated into various applications on the user's computer:

·         Browser

·         Instant Messenger

·         Web Site

·         Plug-in

There's more info of the technology
on the PDF file.  

There's a video on YouTube that demonstrates Plug-in solution: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2JfWBWe3J0&fmt=18 

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions.  

Yaniv Sela  3rd year Student in H.I.T, I like the gaming world and to develop games & applications using Flash. yanisela@gmail.com 

more info on my develop in:


Mark "Cypher" Kotlyar 

Community & QA Manager at CogniSafe.


Tiberium and Kane

Great game fiction

Writing for, about and around games.... :)


Amnon Dekel  Founder & CEO Vevent Inc  amnoid@gmail.com  The developing mobile landscape and how to create a sustainable business model in it for small developers 
ami ben bassat CEO StartupSeeds.Com    

Gil Schoenberg 



PM @ Quiksee + screenwriter & ubber geek  mrscript@gmail.com  Contacts in the Israeli gaming industry 
Gilly Dekel  iPhone / Mobile Developer  Gilly.Dekel@gmail.com 

 -  Mobile-ness

 -  All things music

Dan Naim  Game developer & designer  dannaim@gmail.com  Games  & Music

Amos Elmaliah



Artist, Musician, iPhone Develoer  amosel[at]gmail.com  Ubi Computing 
Oren Sofrin   oren.sofrin [at] gmail.com

CEO of Sofrin Internet LTD :





www.arcadejunkie.com - coming soon

Yarin Hochman Entrepreneur, Blogger and knowledge seeker, yarinh.hochman@gmail.com



Matan Poreh co-CEO and game lover METATRON matan@metatron.co.il www.metatron.co.il
Ruthy Sheffy co-CEO and Branica METATRON ruthy@metatron.co.il www.metatron.co.il
Shimon Richik Game Developer METATRON shimon@metatron.co.il www.metatron.co.il
Sarit Tresser  Computer games as a treatment tool  skopel80@gmail.com 

Using virtual reality and computer games as treatment tools for children with developmental delays and other needs.

Sivan Bitton  Student.  sivbit@gmail.com   
Erez Rosenbloom Aspiring game developer and a student of something that's not even remotely related. luoruize@gmail.com Creator of the indy "Pigtree" Studio. First game is in the making.


Musician & sound designer  nivgo@nivgo.info 

Ps2, casual , online games

Audio freak!


Ofir Leitner  Founder Mobile Monday Tel Aviv  ofir at momotlv dot com  Mobile, Gaming and mobile gaming... 
Orit Moshe Graphic Designer Orit@metatron.co.il www.metatron.co.il
Guy Moshe Support Manager gmoshe@nextnine.com  
Boaz Feldman Entrepreneur and a .NET developer feldman.boaz --> gmail.com  
Effy Lupo  Casual Game Designer  Lupoeffy at gmail dot com  Using computer games as fun treatment  
Ariel Malka Designer + Programmer ariel@chronotext.org

1. Coming back to game development?


2. Always interested in real-time 3D applications


Shachar Tal  Entrepreneur shachar at gridify dot com  Interested in game design and development 
asaf sela art director - currently frontend supervisor at animation lab rockman_work@yahoo.com electronic games graphics
Baruch R&D pixinet@gmail.com  
Lior  Agile Consultant  lfriedmal at gmail.com  http://imistaken.blogspot.com 
Sonya Novosolov Game developer & Graphic designer recicleyouranimals@gmail.com www.apocalypseart.co.il
Alex .p. 

Games and Toys inventor.

( Real solid games...)

lexi99 -> gmail.com  www.puzzle4u.com 
Guy Ulmer  Last minute, as always  guyulmer at yahoo  Anything videogames 


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we at TalkTail deal with comments and virtual politics.
Hope to see you all in the event.
Roni Schneider.

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at 7:30 pm on Dec 19, 2008

Hola folks, whom of you were with the Star Control Clone at the con panel? contact me val@pigle.com whether goodies is which you're after.

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